Easter & Associates


Our Story

Easter & Associates, was given a new name in 2011; however, we are anything but a new company.  The original insurance and real estate agency was formed in the mid -1960’s as Davidson Insurance and Real Estate, and quickly became a household name in the region.

Mark Easter, president and managing owner, began working for the company in the late 1990’s. Soon after obtaining his insurance and real estate broker licenses,  he began managing both parts of the organization.

As a Nebraska boy who grew up in the farming and livestock business, Mark recognized the need for more auctioneers in the area. He also saw the added-benefit auctioneering expertise could bring to his clients who wish to sell personal items along with their real estate.

Mark attended the World Wide School of Auctioneering in 2000, and has been conducting real estate and personal property sales ever since.  He has since purchased the company and the company and renamed it “Easter & Associates”. Today, the company provides a full-range of insurance, real estate, auctioneering and sale management services to businesses and individuals across the Midwest.